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Best wishes and may God not waste your efforts

Mostafa Abbas

Best wishes. May God gives you good luck with this service and we thank all those who work to provide this service.

Ahmed Fadel

Good gives you will being. That’s the Syrian youth we are proud of

Hossam Abdallah

Creative idea, I hope you the best

Hassan Mousa

Nice project and a great idea. Hope you the best

Abdel Rahman Alshafae

If the good wills the results will be fascinating with all my wishes of success

Mojahed Akil
Executive manager - Tarjemly Live

Professional document translation service features

Why T-Live?

Professional translation

We are proud to have distinguished translators, professionals, and specialists in many fields and have long translation experience.

Quality control

The specialized team checks and reviews the quality of all files to deliver the cus-tomer an integrated file of high quality.

Your satisfaction is our mission.

We assign a responsible for each user to care about him and to ensure full workflow.

Execution speed

After the user's approval, the customer manager makes sure that the translation process of the document has started and will be on time.

Flexibility in handling

Whatever the project's size, we trained our translators on teamwork and parallel work to implement the translation process and adhere to the specified time.

Requesting an additional audit

You have the option of requesting a second audit by another translator.

The possibility of a certified translation

You can request a sworn translation and have your paper documents shipped directly to your address.

Standardization of design

We can deliver you the translated file with the identical design of your official document.


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